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Enter a new era of computing technology,
billions of connected smart objects that will help improve our lives.

Join us in the Internet of Things

Connected Smart-objects

Build your network of things!
RELOC empowers your products with tailored embedded electronics, sensors and connectivity, enabling objects to collect and exchange data.
Let’s start connecting!

Edge Computing

Do you need larger storage or additional computation near your objects? Flexible mesh networking requires a protocol gateway to the internet?
RELOC provides customers with ready-to-integrate IoT hub solutions coping with any fog computing requirement.

Join us in the Internet of Things

Cloud Services

Manage objects, collect data and add processing logic interacting with clean APIs. Cloud platform natively includes multiple-level data authorization enabling for simple data sharing. Start with a few devices and scale up with a production grade platform.

Web and mobile applications

Consumers are using an ever increasing variety of platforms to access web services and they expect to do the same to interact with internet-of-things devices.
RELOC designs Web and mobile applications that look great on every device, building a compelling user experince.

Products and Solutions

Internet of Things Applications

Discover RELOC industrial-grade end-to-end solutions for connected smart objects.


Accurate Location Technologies

Precisely locate objects and people both inside buildings and in outdoor environments.


Advanced RFID Logistic Solutions

Automatically indentify, trace and monitor your products as they move through the supply chain.


Custom ICT & Electronic Design Services

Tailored design service to accelerate the development of your next innovative product.


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