RM-SS2-MKR Development Kit

Build your wireless sensor network easily

RM-SS2-MKR is an Arduino MKR1000 form factor development board that enables for straightforward test and integration of sub-GHz RM-SS2 RF module.

RM-SS2-MKR board features on-board environmental (temperature, humidity, pressure) sensors and a 6DoF inertial measurement unit (IMU) for easily building your first sub-GHz wireless sensor network application.

RM-SS2-MKR board also includes an STLINK-V3MODS debugging and programming probe connected to RM-SS2 STM32L0 host microcontrollers. The STLINK-V3MODS also provides a Virtual COM port interface enabling the host PC to communicate with the RF module through one UART, simplifying for instance the device programming through bootloader.


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Key Features

  • Sub-GHz communication based on RM-SS2 module
  • MCU: 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core
  • Flash memory: up-to 192kB program memory
  • RAM: 20 kB data memory
  • Power Supply: micro-USB, CR2032
  • Sensors: HTS221, LSM6DSO, LPS22HH
  • On-Board STLINK-V3MODS Debugging Probe
  • Virtual COM on USB

Main Applications

  • Smart Home and Metering
  • Smart City
  • Smart Management Systems
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Smart Parking
  • Asset Tracking Devices

Technical Documents

RM-SS2-MKR Users Guide – Available Soon



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