Connecting the physical world to the internet

About Us

Since the beginning, RELOC have been using advanced technologies (radio-identification and wireless communication systems, sensing and location solutions) to create connected embedded systems, building the bridge between physical objects and cloud or mobile platforms.

Today the company provides customers with a full spectrum of engineering services in order to build cutting-edge, robust Internet-of-Things (IoT) consumer products and secure industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Depending on the customer specific needs, RELOC builds vertical IoT solutions, starting with the analysis of requirements, identifying the best technologies for the project, developing custom hardware or integrating existing components, creating wireless infrastructures based on the most suitable communication protocols, developing firmware and software components, manufacturing complex prototypes based on different technologies, gathering data on Cloud platforms for further analysis and, eventually, presenting contents via responsive web interfaces and mobile APPs.

Vision and Values

We believe in connecting the physical world to the internet, supporting the creation of original products and innovative services.

We do it expressing our commitment for creativity, honesty towards customers and passion for innovation.