The new Renesas Synergy Partner Project from RELOC delivers a Wi-Fi module driver that supports the Microchip ATWINC1500 wireless communication modules.

This Partner Project expands the list of Wi-Fi modules that are supported off-the-shelf when using the Renesas Synergy Wi-Fi Framework. The ATWINC1500 module provides ultra-low-power and high-throughput Wi-Fi connectivity, with data rates up to 72 Mbps and <5uA power down current. See the solution on the Renesas Synergy Gallery here.

The Renesas Synergy Wi-Fi Framework enables easy integration of Wi-Fi connectivity by providing a uniform set of vendor-independent APIs for common functionality. This enables firmware developers to design against a high-level API instead of low-level drivers for a specific Wi-Fi module. The level of abstraction provided by the Wi-Fi Framework not only facilitates rapid application development, but also provides a level of insurance to future-proof the application against changes in Wi-Fi technology.


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