ARIS (Arrow Renesas IoT Solution) is a ready-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software platform that enables users to get their IoT applications up and running quickly.


Performance criteria

The system is built around a Renesas S7G2 high-performance MCU, featuring a 240 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 embedded processor, 4 MB code flash memory, 640 KB SRAM. It comes with 512 Mb serial flash, 256 Mb of SDRAM and an additional microSD card slot. A 3-axes accelerometer and 2-axes gyroscope deliver position and motion sensing information; humidity and temperature sensors provide environmental feedback. The platform integrates Express Logic ThreadX® RTOS plus stacks, libraries and utilities including NetX Duo™, USBX™, GUIX™, and FileX® with a rich application framework and drivers– all specifically optimised, all qualified, warranted and maintained.


Differentiating features

ARIS is strongly differentiated from other platforms by the breadth of wireless and wired connectivity support. Communication with other devices and the Cloud is enabled via protocols such as Ethernet 10/100, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi. NFC tag functionality is also included along with a crypto bootloader and support for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. Software development happens at the API layer, meaning the developer doesn’t need to worry about non-differentiating code and can focus on differentiating their design with the many features available to them on the ARIS platform.


Market Impact

Embedded software design used to be simpler, consisting of a few interfaces and using a simple main loop with interrupts handling a limited amount of tasks. Todays embedded systems are highly connected, with a variety of interfaces like Ethernet, wireless, sensors or HMI, which need to be configured and handled, and which exchange data and messages with each other and with the outside world to form the complete application. Development of such systems is no longer possible in the way that legacy systems were designed. Development cycles are shorter and new feature requests come in continuously, placing a high burden on the developer. Leveraging on Renesas Synergy™ development framework, the ARIS platform helps accelerate IoT designs by making it easier and quicker to start development with a fully qualified and optimized combination of hardware and software that encourages innovation and product differentiation.


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