RELOC NFC libraries have been verified by Renesas to be Synergy Platform compliant!

NFC libraries are now included into Synergy Platform as a ready-to-run third-party software component, available under the Partner Showcase section.

RELOC NFC framework implements parsing and assembly of an NFC record, simplifying NFC tag read/write operations from a high-level application point-of-view. Some high-level simplified functionalities include:

  • read/write of an e-mail;
  • text read/write;
  • read/write of an URI.

Used together with specific NFC-to-I2C tag drivers, RELOC software components enable designer to

  • read and parse NFC tag content
  • parse an NFC-formatted buffer passed as argument
  • write an NFG Tag with a custom TLV sequence
  • write a custom TLV sequence to a buffer passed as argument

Download the new Platform Component from the Synergy Gallery.


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