Design next-generation portable sensors and connected applications

ARIS EDGE is an ultra-low power hardware and software platform devoted to smart sensing and Internet-of-Things applications.

Optimized Synergy S1 and S3 series ARM® Coretex® MCUs allow developers to prototype portable sensor and control applications with long battery life, a versatile user interface, and robust multi-protocol wireless communication capabilities, leveraging on the Renesas Synergy™ framework.


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Technical Documents

ARIS EDGE Datasheet – ver. 1.2

ARIS EDGE User’s Guide – ver. 1.4

ARIS EDGE Demo BLE Sensors – ver. 1.0

ARIS EDGE Demo BLE 3D – ver. 1.0

ARIS EDGE rev. 1.1 – Electrical Schematic

ARIS EDGE rev 1.1 – Bill of Materials


Tools & Software

ARIS EDGE-1 Synergy Board Support Package (BSP) – rev 1.3.0 (use with SSP 1.3.x)

ARIS EDGE-1 Synergy Board Support Package (BSP) – rev 1.2.0-update1 (use with SSP 1.2.x)

ARIS EDGE-1 Synergy Board Support Package (BSP) – rev 1.1.1 (use with SSP 1.1.x)

ARIS Tools iPhone APP

ARIS Tools Android APP


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